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This episode also drew criticism through the Mothers and fathers' Tv Council as well as followers who felt it inspired children to make use of profanity. Irrespective of this, the episode taught that it was Improper to do so Which it results in being punished: when Mr.

Having said that, he hits his foot over a rock, and in his suffering, he shouts all thirteen expletives. Once SpongeBob and Patrick tally the curses, they run to Mama Krabs' house to tell on her son. As Mama Krabs answers the door, she's greeted by a cacophony of swearing from all a few of these, leading to her to faint.

Because her mom and dad are absent in her daily life, Rei is very connected to her grandfather. She lives and is effective with him at Hikawa Shrine, the place he is The pinnacle priest. She aims to one day comply with in his footsteps.

Squidward's estimate, "Do not you mean you can find only seven?" was a reference to your comic George Carlin's infamous regime, "Seven filthy terms."

Within the manga, the Inner Senshi get a handful of upgrades ahead of entirely shifting for their next kinds, as Using the alteration of their brooches from circles to hearts.

Inside the scene with the children laughing at SpongeBob saying terrible words and phrases, A Kid's hat is red. In the following scene, The kid incorporates a blue hat.

On the other hand, her father can be a famed politician who evidently cares more about his task than his loved ones, and leaves his daughter to generally be cared for by his spouse’s father.

Based on two interviews identified right here and here, the idea for this episode came from a childhood working experience:

During the anime, Rei competes with Usagi for Tuxedo Mask’s affections through the entire first time. Inside a afterwards period, it is implied that she features a crush on her grandfather’s pupil, Yūichirō Kumada.

This incarnation is proven to become much more mature than the existing working day Usagi, though she remains childish in certain ways. For instance, in episode 104, Chibiusa presents the Sailor Troopers a letter from the long run, during which the Queen asks them to teach her, even so the letter is simplistic and has Nearly no kanji.

Learning a curse term is actually a basic issue that all Little ones endure. It absolutely was encouraged by Artistic director Derek Drymon's knowledge of getting in difficulties as a kid for using the file-word before his mom. Drymon reported, "The scene exactly where Patrick is operating to Mr.

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The process is fairly basic to implement, but starting out can in fact be a little challenging. The initial screen doesn’t current any options for your Sailor Senshi herself, but fairly for the history.

Usagi's character is inconsistent amongst versions the series. Inside the manga she commences out as a crybaby, but quickly matures and learns to help make decisions for herself.[thirteen][14]

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